Bubble Tea

bubble tea

At Teasme, we want you to have the full bubble tea experience.  Instead of only handing you the finished tea, we let you watch the magic, seeing your own cup of bubble tea transform from your thirsty wish all the way through to a cup of liquid joy.  We maintain 100% Taiwanese methods to give you a bubble tea that is authentic and delicious.  With ever-evolving equipment and techniques, bubble tea customers demand a high-quality and delicious drink.  At Teasme, we offer only the best, a bubble tea rooted in tradition and worthy of being part of the family of “the national drink of Taiwan.”  Quality and freshness is what you will always get from us…as well as the extra thick straw for those tasty tapioca bubbles!

We use various tea bases in our bubble tea, made with premium quality loose teas.  Our black tea based bubble tea is made with Premium House Black tea, a delicious and tongue-tickling blend of Formosa black tea, Ceylon, and Assam black teas. Our green tea base is a soft, delicate jasmine green tea. If you are in the mood for a stronger, more flavored drink, our Earl Gray and Charcoal Grilled Oolong will be just your style.  All of our tea bases are made daily, re-brewed and replaced every 2 to 4 hours to ensure you are getting a cup of bubble tea that lives up to the fun and the flavor that it promises.

We occasionally offer seasonal blends and flavors as well – a special treat for a special season.  Our hand-squeezed lemon juice with honey oolong tea gives you an extra layer of support to fight the winter flu.  Soothing and strengthening your immune system with a boost of vitamin C, this seasonal flavor uses the juice of 2 to 3 lemons in each delicious cup.  Stop in to find out our current seasonal flavors and get plenty of recommendations.  We all have a personal favorite flavor to recommend, from our popular iced bubble tea Mango Green Tea to our hot Caramel Milk Tea.

Bubble Tea

Bubble tea may look the same across the world, from tea house to tea house, but it is what is in the cup that makes the difference.  Traditional bubble tea is a mixture of Taiwanese teas, milk or cream, syrup, and the tiny and tasty “bubbles” (tapioca pearls).  Since its origin in the 1980s, many variations of bubble tea have appeared across the world (some with no tea at all).  However, these variations have been phased out in Taiwan, where only the highest quality bubble tea will do.

Want a taste of the bubbly fun for yourself?  Watch bubble tea making, Teasme style, and come in for a cup of your own.