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Teasme Style Magazine

Teasme featured in the August issue of Style Magazine. A big thank you to Majka Kaiser for this excellent article on Teasme featured on this magazine. Full article is on page 32 http://www.style.kiwi/ Mint Style Studio 

What Sip! Tea tasting ceremony.

What better to way to enjoy a cuppa tea on a cold winters night. #Teasme Speciality Tea Shop has once again hosted a group of tea enthusiast for a tasting ceremony. That evening, we had 3 of regular customers (Emma, Caitlin and Caitlin’s partner), journalist from #mintstylestudio (Majka Kaiser) and photographer Wendy from #wendycphotographer. The host […]

Metropol Teasme

  A great in depth article written in the Metropol Magazine by Majka Kaiser. This article highlights a brief description of teas and the history of our business.Since 2007, we have managed to establish our business as one of the top loose leaf tea retailers in the whole of New Zealand.Besides that, we have also […]

Nancy’s iced creamy Ginseng Oolong tea

    Nancy visited Teasme on Friday morning before our busy lunch hour rush. While we were talking she purchased a pack of Ginseng Oolong tea. While we have some spare time we opened the sealed bag, poured out some of the fresh rolled up oolong teas and made it into ice tea with creamer […]