About Teasme

The Teasme Story

Teasme founder Shih-Yen Chen grew up in a family already in love with the rich history and culture of tea. In 1992, after immigrating to Christchurch, the allure of tea was not tarnished for Shih-Yen.  He dreamed of carrying the family love forward with his own teashop in New Zealand, serving the same high quality teas and beverages that his family had cultivated.

In October 2006, this dream became a reality.  Shih-Yen began to plan, design, and finally build the first Teasme Specialty Tea shop.  The shop, located in Church Corner Mall, is snuggled into one of Christchurch’s most cultured shopping complexes.  Dreams, like children, tend to grow, and a second Teasme shop was born in October of 2009 in High Street City mall next to the Cathedral Square.  Unfortunately, an earthquake had other ideas, and damaged the second shop beyond repair.  The original Teasme shop, however, has flourished in Church Corner, where earthquakes have kindly left it alone to grow and continue to serve high quality leaf teas and bubble teas.

Top Quality tea products

Back to his grandfather’s generation, Shih-Yen’s family ran a tea farm in the mountains of Taiwan, where they handpicked ingredients to make high quality teas.  This commitment to quality and freshness has been carried through to the Teasme shop.  If you would like to experience the allure of tea for yourself, visit our gorgeous shop.  Let our trademark green tea leaf guide you, and indulge your senses with the delicious aromas of over 85 varieties of tea.  If you can’t travel the world, don’t worry.  Our teas will bring the world to you.  We import fresh, seasonal, high-quality leaf teas from all over the world and from here in New Zealand.
Teasme tea shop is not just an average tea shop; also available are our exclusive tea accessories.  These include unique, handcrafted teapots to let you bring tea into your everyday life and cultivate your own love for this beautiful and delicious drink and for its rich history all over the world.
Whether you have fallen in love with tea already, are looking for a gift from the heart, or are longing to experience tea for the first time, we invite you to visit our shop.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you bring tea into your life.

Bubble Tea

Teasme also proudly serves bubble tea.  World famous and traditional to Shih-Yen’s family home of Taiwan, bubble tea is a delicious mix of milk, tea, sweetness, and the tapioca “bubbles.”  Our bubble tea makers will help you choose the flavor that will entice and excite you, and then create it fresh for you using some of the most advanced tea-making equipment available.  Let each bubble slide across your tongue and give you something to smile about.

Tea Tasting Ceremony

Teasme can hold tea tasting, including the traditional tea ceremony for small groups. Please visit our tea tasting page for more details.


Are you are running a cafe or restaurant tea business looking for real tea for your customers?  Teasme can provide delicious and high-quality teas to make your business flourish. We offer tea that will entice and impress.  In New Zealand’s highly developed café culture, low-quality dust-grade tea bags cannot make the cut.  Over the years, Teasme has helped to bring real tea culture and joy to local cafes. We offer a specific wholesale range that will please the tongue and allow your customers to experience how tea should taste.  Visit our wholesale page for more details.

Online shop

If you are not able to experience our shop and our passion first-hand, you can still be a part of the Teasme family.  We can send parcels and gifts anywhere in New Zealand.  Just visit our Online Shop and we will do the rest.